Gallery Atelier Oker


© 2008-2017 Jeannine Vrins

Hello! I am Jeannine Vrins, a ceramics designer-maker. I live and work in Lier, Belgium, in my studio Atelier Oker.

I explore the boundaries of design, where craftsmanship merges with art. I aim to make original, functional pieces the artisan way. I try to ‘touch’ people with my work, in every sense of the word.

I choose simple techniques, shapes and materials, not for the sake of simplicity, but because I want to work directly on an object, searching for its essence as I hold it in my bare hands. Only by doing this can I minimize the distance between me and the user, bringing us closer together. I am fascinated by the reciprocal nature of functional pieces:

I touch the clay, the clay touches you, you are touched.

Every item is made by me in Atelier Oker; look closer and you can trace the lines left by my fingers. I throw all shapes in stoneware clay, then I fire them twice at 1,240°C in an electric kiln. The outer surface feels very soft thanks to the use of Terra Sigillata, a primer that gives a silky skin colour and attracts you to reach out and touch.

The inside is glazed glossy white, the perfect contrast to the satin exterior. Every item is food safe, microwave and dishwasher proof.

I sign each piece with the O of Oker (Ochre in Dutch), which is also the O of wOndering and (im)perfectly rOund.

Enjoy experiencing my work!