List of prizes, publications and exhibitions

1990 1e prize decoration of a plate, Porceleyne Fles, Delft, NL.

1998 European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) ‘s Hertogenbosch NL, workperiod of 4 months and a final exhibition.

1998 Graduation exhibition Galerie Hilde Metz, Antwerp B.

1998 Groupexhibition Ceramics, Alden Biezen B.

1999 Holland Art Fair in The Hague NL, galerie Artisjoke.

1999 Selected  sPring 1999 exhibition in Queen Fabiola Hall in Antwerp B.

1999 Ceramics in the garden, Galerie Artisjoke Maastricht NL.

1999 Galerie Dubio Den Haag, NL.

2000 Dungelhoeff Lier B, groupexhibition ceramics and photographs.

2000 Metamorphose groupexhibition Austria and Denmark.

2001 Selected by Design Flanders Brussels Nieuwe Oogst, Brussels.

2001 Verglaasd, Versteend, een Momentopname,  Galerie 't Eksternest, Roeselare B.

2001 Colors, Design Flanders Galery, Brussels.

2001 Element in the stonefactory in Westmalle.

2002 Casa Europea, tradefair Bouwcentrum, Antwerp.

2002 Part one, Groupexhibition, Cultural Centre Heist op den Berg.

2002 Ladders zat, Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels.

2003 Design cup and saucer for Jacqmotte coffee, Douwe Egberts. 

2004 “Uit dezelfde klei gebakken” in Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels.

2004 “Fired of the same clay” in Musée des Beaux Arts in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Swiss.

2005 January/february Kleiproef-16, groupexhibition in st.Jacobspand in Antwerp B.

2005 Oktober Jacqmotte cups & saucers in the exhibition  

Label-Design.be, Grand-Hornu, at the occassion of 175 year of Belgium.

2005 Oktober design and ceramics in “centrum Goed Werk”, Zulte B.

2005 November “Design Verpakt” in Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels B.

2005 November-Januari Huidig (Skinny) work in “Seas”  Cultural Centre Scharpoord, Knokke Heist B.

2005 Work in publication The Ceramic Process by Anton Reijnders

2008 “Flower Power” Groupsexhibition in Design Flanders Galery, Brussels.

2008 Masterclass in Cultural Centre Strombeek Bever, Brussels.

2009 Design for Belgoflor (producent of flowerpots and vases) spring 2010.

2009 Design of O-collectie for Maison de Table, distributor in tableware.

2009 Start webshop atelierOKER by Etsy.

2009 November Design Verpakt in Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels

2010 Membership of ‘The Invasion’, platform of young designers and makers

2011 Handmade tableware for the Sofitel in London.

2011 Cooperation with Dominique Dufait new collection ‘Skin against Skin’

2012 ‘Talent in de Wijk’, groupexhibition, Lier B.

2013 New collections at ‘Oeverture’ design parcours in Gent.

2014 Freelance designer for Serax (stopped in 2016)

2014 Participant on Craftshow ‘Made London’.

2015 Organisation show ’Talent in de Wijk’, groupexhibition, Lier B.

2016 Participant on Craftshow ‘Made London’. (Supported by FIT)

2017 Design and fabrication of Lamps Colibrantzaal, Library Lier.

2017 New collection tableware for Bistro ’t Looks and Cuistot.

2017 Co-Curator groupsexhibition ‘Porseleinspiegelingen’ at 5 locations in Belgium.

2018 Organisation groupsexhibition in ‘Normaalschool in Lier’ ‘De Laatste Zit’.

2018 Lamps for Healthcenter Lier. Tiles for glasses-shop Nauwelaerts Lier.

2018 Work in publication Color in Glazes by Linda Bloomfield.

2017/2018/2019 Organisation workshops and exhibitions with several international ceramicists (Linda Bloomfield, Sasha Wardell, Max Seinfeld, Helle Bovbjerg, Matt Katz)

2019 New studio > new work. Extra education by Matt Katz (CMW, US)

2020 Research commissions for glazes and clays.

2020 Cluster London (online platform).

2021-2022 Sabbatical for teaching; back to University (KUL) Engineering MTM department


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