Little sculptural pitcher on its stand
two pitchers on a stand
Two useful large pitchers
Two large jugs on a stand

Ceramic Art • Craft • Design

In her work Jeannine Vrins balances between art, design and craft. She is educated in Design as well as in  Arts and ceramics challenges her in both fields. Ceramics is a such a broad discipline based on thousands of years of history and tradition.

In her studio she makes unique pieces and commissioned small series, designed and made by hand. She uses craft methods and combines them with an artistic way of working.  She also likes to test all kinds of materials, new colors and combinations in clays and glazes.

The whole process of designing, making and finishing takes place in her own hands.

Jeannine Vrins hands throwing
Transparent glossy glaze scoop-mix 234
The making of a wheel thrown and altered jug
Sketches out of the diary of Jeannine Vrins

Ceramics Teaching • Coaching • Consulting

Since her graduation Jeannine taught more than 20 years Ceramics and Product Design in several Art Academies in Belgium. Teaching about her passion for the ceramic materials and its designing possibilities is very important for her.  Educating technical knowledge is invaluable for ceramics. But it is equally important to learn how to collect inspiration, how to notice unaware beauty and how to watch around. Jeannine coaches individual artists and makers, who have already a certain level of knowledge in ceramics, to discover new possibilities in their process.

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Instagram @jeanninevrinsceramics