Contrast and Contradiction

Ceramics is full of contrasts: it is soft when you work with it and hardens when you fire it. It’s easy to impress but difficult to finish. Unique design is made with it, but also piles and piles of bricks.... read more

Makers Guild/Guilt

Sometimes I struggle with a sense of guilt. The urge for making, for the physical flow while creating in clay, is unstoppable. It's a feeling I can't live without, which I don't want to miss...    read more


The role of a plinth, for me, is crucial in the presentation of a piece of work. In ceramics it is perhaps even more important as in other art directions. ... read more


When I make things I try to create an image. Sometimes that process is well-considered: I make a design, plan it, find a technique and work out the idea. On the other hand .... read more


How do you deal with the valuable legacy built up in ceramics over 20,000 years? My philosophy teacher once asked me this question. I didn’t work in ceramics very long at that time. I gave an answer that its history inspired me, but certainly didn't hinder me...        read more

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